Speakeasy Pop-Up Art Show

ATM art
ATM art

90’s Tunes and Drop-Dead Delicious Cocktails

Last night’s Life in Color pop-up art show was the perfect midweek outing for my girlfriend and I. Hosted inside Pour Vous, a stylish speakeasy with all the right perks, the Melrose bar boasted more than just delicious craft cocktails…

With a 90’s set by Dj Anduze, my girlfriend and I were vibin’ to Tupac and En Vogue as we browsed the funky and vibrant works of art by Ann McFerran.

Anne’s artwork is the type of art that I can totally see on display at The Broad or LACMA. Bold, colorful and contemporary. Her art added pops of color throughout the dimly lit bar and I would have totally purchased a piece if I had been carrying $500 in my pocket (tear).

While I did not walk out with a McFerran piece, I was able to snap a few of my favorites:

She Loves Me Not
“She Loves Me Not”
“Life in Blue”
Las Angeles
“Las Angeles”

Another treat that tickled my taste buds was the back patio crepe stand. The menu offered gluten free and organic ingredients (hello its LA) and while I really wanted to splurge on one, I decided to just stick with my cocktail. The main event on the patio was the infamous trolley cart, a permanent fixture perfect for a smoke break or a selfie (we opted for selfies.)

On the topic of cocktails, this one here is the much Yelped about “Dublin Jam”; a must-try infusion of Jameson, raspberry jam, a fresh hibiscus flower placed delicately on top and a spritz of lavender. Even the bar patrons watched in awe as the bartender created my beautiful cocktail. God, it was almost too pretty to drink, but I’m glad I did…

My beautiful first drink of the night!
My beautiful first drink of the night!

The real treat of the night, however, was seeing McFerran in action. Calm and collected, she live-sketched the bodybuilder model of the night (who also looked like a blast from the 90’s) in between sips of her Stella Artois.

McFerran doing what she does best

Pour Vous is definitely a sweet spot I would recommend checking out, if but only to enjoy a Dublin Jam!


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