Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Superbloom This Weekend

Last weekend, I bribed my boyfriend into accompanying me to see the superbloom. After seeing endless poppy selfies on my IG and Twitter feeds, I just couldn’t take it anymore; I had to see the superbloom for myself, IN THE FLESH. So, after doing much research on all of the different wildflower hotspots poppin’ up around Los Angeles and Orange County, we settled on Diamond Valley Lake. Nestled in between the cities of Winchester and Hemet in Riverside County, the almost two hour drive from Orange County was beautiful and totally worth it…

Get out of the city and let your mind, body and soul get some earthy TLC. Regardless of which destination you trek to, the superbloom is not to be missed!

Make the most out of your day and consider these tips:

Pack snacks & h20

Wear a hat and suscreen- there is no shade!

Get a hike in and dress accordingly.

Bring cash for parking.

Sandals are not your friend on the dusty trails.

Hiking not your thing? Wear comfy shoes anyways. 

Observe the “No Trespassing” signs and be mindful not to crush the wildflowers.

Watch out for rattlesnakes- we saw a few when we went.

Avoid the crowds and arrive in the latter part of the day ie. anytime after 1pm.

The vibrant array of colors at Diamond Valley Lake blew me away. See for yourself…

Diamond Valley Lake
California poppies
Walking along the Lake View Trail guided by arroyo lupines, chia and poppies.
Stopped to enjoy the views
I spy some caterpillar phacelia flowers nestled in the poppy-covered hills.
Arroyo lupines! These attract birds and butterflies.
Blankets of poppies…

Diamond Valley Lake

2325 Searl Pkwy, Hemet, CA 92545

Brilliant and fluffy, the clouds scatter blue-blooded sky.

Fleeting spots of shade from the spicy heat of the day they give.

Bees dance with butterflies and like ripe oranges, the

poppy-drenched hills roll on. We search for the perfect spot to lay.

Sweet-smelling air I inhale. Royal lupines welcome the breeze

and curtsy at the sparkling pool of blue.

The hills nestle under their marmalade blankets, covered from the setting melon-sun, and sleep.



April 1, 2017 at 3:42 AM

Tasha, I love your pictures! And your poem was beautifuly written, as effortless as the floral quilted hills C:

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