Tennessee Livin’

Greetings from Tennessee!

It’s been 5 days in this southern state and let me just say that the peace and quiet is doing wonders for my information-overloaded LA brain. Aside from trying gator tail, buying backyard moonshine and visiting the Grand Ole Opry, here are a few activities bringing out the Tennesseean in me…

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Destination: Peru

PERU. Home of the forever roaming alpaca, pisco sours and infamous new wonder of the world, Machu Picchu.

Once a passing thought, my dream of venturing to this South American country became a reality last week…

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Flower Eating 101


Summer Is Coming and What Better Time Than Now to Expand Your Edible Flower Education?

Aside from being beautiful, many flowers are also edible. And just as every flower is unique in size, color and smell, flowers also boast an assortment of flavors. That being said, flowers open up endless culinary avenues for adding taste, texture and colorful aesthetic appeal to both classic dishes and unconventional fare…

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Plan A Trip 101

So, you’re thinking of planning a last minute Palm Springs getaway with the GF’s?

Or maybe you are looking for a big house to rent for Coachella? Whatever the destination, you will have to start the hunt to find the best flight or hotel deal. Here are my go-to travel websites & apps to make your trip planning as smooth as your Brazilian 😉

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Packing House

ph entrance

Foodie Heaven

This weekend I finally got my grub (and drink) on at the buzzed about Packing House in Anaheim. Located in an old citrus plant situated in the middle of a neighborhood just minutes from Angel’s Stadium, the two-story culinary food hall houses more than 20 food and drink vendors that will surely excite your taste buds as much as they did mine…

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DIY Wine Cork Succulent Magnet


It’s Time To Spice Up Your Fridge!

Okay so I guess you could say I am a little bit obsessed with wine cork crafts. But seriously, these magnets are too freakin’ cute not to make and take under 5 minutes to create! Trust me when I say that your girlfriends will be asking you for one in no time…

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Doing The Broad

"Desire" by Ed Ruscha.
“Desire” by Ed Ruscha.

A Colorful Day at the Broad

A few months ago I decided to book a reservation to the Broad, LA’s newest and much hyped about addition to museum row. I had seen the barrage of Infinity Room selfies on my Instagram feed and decided to get in on the experience myself…

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