Non-Toxic Product Spotlight: 100 Percent Pure Makeup Primer

Lately I have been getting quite the amount of compliments along the lines of, “wow your face is so dewy!”, “you are glowing,” “what foundation are you wearing?” Wanna know one of my secrets?? Read on!

While diet, sun protection and topical serums all factor into my skin health, I also consider my makeup primer to be a big part of why my skin looks great every day!

Say hello to the man behind the curtain, or in this case, the primer behind my makeup: 100 Percent Pure’s Mattifying Primer.

Before I rant and rave about why I love this non-toxic, all natural primer so much, let me give you a little 401 on what primer is for and who should use it.

I like to think of primer as essentially “priming” your face for what is to come. Primers can be either tinted or clear gel and act as a barrier between your skin and your makeup. Applying primer helps smooth fine lines, shrink pores and basically creates a nice, silky base that your makeup will sit on top of. Primer can even help lengthen your makeup wear time, especially in warmer weather. Some primers even have spf, giving that extra layer of protection from the sun’s rays. Everyone can use primer!

When I use 100 Percent Pure’s Mattifying Primer, my makeup glides on smoothly and I have minimal touch-ups throughout the day. It really helps my complexion look healthy and GLOWING! Not to mention, the primer is stacked with vitamins and antioxidants like VITAMIN E, GREEN TEA and SEAWEED COLLAGEN which helps to plump up your skin!

Gone are the days where you use silicone-based primers that break out and clog your skin! Make the switch to non-toxic makeup and your skin will reap the rewards!

Purchase your primer from the closest 100 Percent Pure store near you (they always give out samples with your order) or check out their online store for sales!


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