Lunch Break with Grandma

To grandmother’s house we go! Going to my grandma’s house is always a treat. Her backyard is much like an ethereal dream that I can be in for hours…


The spread: Tuna sandwiches on toasted sourdough with dandelion tea. One sip of this delicious tea will make your tastebuds sing! I highly recommend buying some– love the hints of vanilla.


Although I am not always able to, I try to plan play dates with my grandmother once a week. I especially love everything about our backyard lunch dates. Her tea and sandwiches always taste divine and her delicate dishware are pieces of art. We can sit and talk for hours about my recent travels or her modeling days, or that one time she got hit on by Elvis Presley and she turned him down (come on Grandma Penny!)


Mostly though, it is my Grandma Penny’s youthful spirit and her passion about nature that I love to be around. I can’t begin to express how valuable I consider the time spent with my grandma, just she and I. I see more and more of her in myself as I grow older, mostly her free-spirited nature and glass-half-full kind of attitude.


At 76 years young, my grandma’s passion for nature is evident the minute you pull up to her home. Gardening has always been one of her fortés and brings back my childhood nostalgia of her hidden secret garden.

A sea of blooming flowers fills her front yard and one step into her backyard is a botanical dream. She knows all of the flower species and names by memory and can tell you which season is most favorable to plant any particular flower. (Green thumb? More like green hand, lol.)

wall of flowers

Gardening has turned into more than a hobby for her now. Rather, it has become a form of therapy; a time to relax her mind and create beauty. Her strength thr ouch her own life struggles gives me a great respect for my grandma, and yet still teaches me that despite her or my own problems, life has so much beauty to be seen and made.


My grandma’s magical gazebo. This gazebo has been a large part of my childhood. I have endless memories of drying off inside it after a day in the pool, eating peanut butter and apricot jelly sandwiches, hiding inside during a game of hide and go seek with my cousins, and sitting inside it as I let my mind wander and my eyes take in all the beauty.


We had an impromptu guest join us for lunch… my grandma’s cat, Pansy.



I’m not the only one who loves chillin in the ‘zebo…


I was very tempted to extend my work lunch break for a little midday swim…

All of the little details my grandma reveals about her life, her tips on gardening, the way she always sets the table so beautifully and precisely, just for us; her wisdom and funny dating stories from her youth, the mischievous tales she reveals about when my dad was young; all of these things are gifts; small glimpses into the many years my grandma has lived.

we are all flowers

So, my recommendation to you: take some time out of your busy schedule to stop and smell the flowers, with your grandma if you can 🙂


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