DIY Yoga Mat Spray

Yoga mat separation anxiety. It exists…

Last week, I attended my usual 7 pm Vinyasa Flow class but low and behold, forgot my pretty pink yoga mat. As the sky began to fall and I began to stress, I hesitantly made my way into the studio.

I grabbed a class-provided mat. It felt strange and foreign to me and I could almost SEE the bacteria and sweat squirming around on it. How I wished I would have at least packed my yoga mat cleaner.

As I found a space on the floor, all I could think about was how badly I wanted the comforts (and germs) of my own mat yet knew I would have to take my chances with this spare and get over it. My studio provides toilette’s and I hoped and prayed that the mat I grabbed had been wiped down prior to being put back but how would I know? I wouldn’t.

I eagerly grabbed a toilette (or three) and wiped that sucker down as best I could. I grabbed a towel to place at the head of my mat and 10 minutes into class, my mat worries were lost in a sea of Chaturanga’s and Downward Facing Dog’s.

Fast forward to the next morning. I wake up to a lovely pimple on my forehead and immediately think back to the previous night’s yoga class. FYI, I am not one to get forehead pimples or breakouts like, ever, so this little guy saying “Good Morning!” was pretty out of the ordinary.

I remembered myself in Balasana (child’s pose) in the last night’s class. Those few critical minutes my forehead rested on the bacteria-prone mat were most definitely the cause for the pimple STARING back at me in my bathroom mirror.

From this experience, I made sure of a few things…

  1. NEVER forget my yoga mat
  2. But if I do, always have my yoga mat spray handy

Try this DIY non-toxic cleaner to keep your mat sanitary and smelling good! Throw it in your bag and spritz a couple sprays on your mat before class to avoid bacteria pimples! Woohoo!


  • 3 parts water
  • 1 part white vinegar or alcohol-free witch hazel
  • 3 drops Tea tree (Melaluca) essential oil
  • 5 drops Lavender essential oil
  • glass spray bottle


  • Combine all ingredients in glass spray bottle. I purchased mine here.
  • Shake until combined
  • Spray on mat and wipe dry with towel.

Keep in Mind

If you are not a fan of lavender (like my sister) or are allergic (like my mom), replace it with another calming oil, like Ylang-Ylang or Cedarwood.

Yoga Mat Cleaning and Storing Tips

  • Try to clean your yoga mat after every class
  • Wash your mat in the washer and dryer once a month on medium heat
  • Let your mat air dry for 24 hours. Avoid bright sunny spots!
  • Hang your mat on a hanger at home as opposed to rolling it up



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  1. Danni wrote:

    Hi Natasha,

    I literally always think about breaking out whenever I use my gyms mats! I’m def going to be making a little travel spray now 🙂


    Posted 10.26.16 Reply