Credo Beauty Takeover

Photo cred: Credo Beauty

Today my sister and I dropped in for a visit to Credo at their newest LA location. If you have never heard of Credo before, all you need to know is that it’s basically the “Sephora” of green beauty and body products minus all the toxic ingredients and bad lighting. Read on for pics and the products you need in your life!

Photo cred: Credo Beauty

Located on the corner of West 3rd Street, across from popular Joan’s on 3rd, the bright and cheery store boasts a huge selection of all the top green beauty brands.

From Josh Rosebrook and Tata Harper to W3ll People, Juice Beauty, Indie Lee and Vapour Beauty, this store is a green beauty junkies dream. If none of these brands ring a bell then you definitely need to take a little field trip to Credo. If you aren’t local, visit their amazing online store here.

Credo stands for “believe,” and upon walking into the store, you will not BELIEVE all of the non-toxic beauty and body products that are actually out there! Unlike brands carried at Sephora or Ulta, you best believe that the products and skincare sold at Credo are both safe and clean and will not cause any health issues.

Tata Harper
Indie Lee

In addition to their LA location, they also have brick and mortar stores in San Francisco, New York and a Brooklyn store in the works.

Non-toxic nail polish
Captain Blankenship- the non-toxic line that carries my favorite dry shampoo ever!
W3ll People

As part of their store opening, my sister and I were treated to complimentary glam green makeover’s by the super sweet, in-house make up artist, Talia.

I opted for Talia to give me a warm, natural and dewy, day-glow look with a soft pink lip.

My sister went for more of a “low maintenance” post-yoga look with an over -lined lip. I loved the Lili Lolo soft nude pencil Talia used on her!

My little sis is such a diva

Post-makeover, you probably would not believe my sis and I were sporting a face full of eco-friendly and cruelty-free, organic makeup!

What We Bought:

I had been on the hunt for a foundation with buildable coverage.. Vapour took the cake! It’s dewy and build-able and has the potential to provide great coverage depending on how much you apply.

My sister’s picks. The Vapour stick is easy, on the go foundation application (perfect for a busy yoga girl like her). The Ecobrow pot is gorgeous on her brows (and mind you my sis was a DIEHARD Nyx brow kit girl!) Lastly, the grapefruit shea butter has many uses from taming brows to softening elbows, while smelling amazing of course!

As a result of both of our purchases, 1% of each was donated to The Lipstick Angels. If you haven’t heard of Lipstick Angels, it is an amazing non-profit that provides care and treatment to seriously ill hospital patients via loving bedside delivery through the usage and application of natural makeup and skin care brands.

Next time you are driving through the Beverly Grove, stop by Credo!  In the meantime, browse their online selection here!

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