DIY Fruit and Veggie Spray


So I am kind of a stickler when it comes to washing my fruit and veggies. My mind wanders as I think about how many hands have touched my produce, all of the crates and trucks they have traveled in and the countless sprays and pesticides they may be covered with. Read on for the perfect solution!

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Flower Eating 101


Summer Is Coming and What Better Time Than Now to Expand Your Edible Flower Education?

Aside from being beautiful, many flowers are also edible. And just as every flower is unique in size, color and smell, flowers also boast an assortment of flavors. That being said, flowers open up endless culinary avenues for adding taste, texture and colorful aesthetic appeal to both classic dishes and unconventional fare…

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Packing House

ph entrance

Foodie Heaven

This weekend I finally got my grub (and drink) on at the buzzed about Packing House in Anaheim. Located in an old citrus plant situated in the middle of a neighborhood just minutes from Angel’s Stadium, the two-story culinary food hall houses more than 20 food and drink vendors that will surely excite your taste buds as much as they did mine…

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