DIY Wine Cork Frame


Wine Corks…Oh the Possibilities!

With the recent slew of holidays, in addition to my birthday, I found myself being gifted with wine bottle after wine bottle (keep ‘em coming!) I started to keep a jar of wine corks in my bedroom. One afternoon, I decided to put my cork collection to use.

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Welcome to the Patio Party…

My patio is a place where I will share my passions, places I visit, healthy habits I follow, crafts I create, styles I sport and products I can’t live without. Basically everything that inspires me and will inspire you!

I believe that life is an adventure that should be shared and celebrated with others. Whether it is going on a weekend hike, enjoying a tasty rooftop brunch or creating a homemade card for a special someone, it’s all about the little things and sharing what makes me smile.



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